Photos from the AIBs showing the awards, the setting and the networkingThese quotations  are a selection of the feedback on the AIBs from  winners, from those who attend the gala evening where the awards are presented and from our independent judges. 

What the winners say
“At the AIBs Media Awards gala, to be chosen the winner by an international judging panel amongst many outstanding broadcasters from around the globe was an honour beyond expectations. As always, the AIBs gala was a most fantastic evening: we, together with colleagues from a number of countries, were able to make new friendships and valuable connections with colleagues working in the same profession. Receiving a prize for the work we had submitted also meant receiving international acknowledgement – which is valuable in the marketing of our programmes and channels.”
Fredrik Graesvik, Editor, TV 2 Norway 

“We at JCC are delighted and feel rewarded to receive these recognitions. These awards feed our motivation and make us more ambitious towards presenting the best and most unconventional content that would create a better mindset and contribute in educating our children. These values come from the heart of our mission as part of Qatar Foundation for Education Science and Community Development.”
Malika Alouane, Director of Programming at JCC

“This recognition is proof that, despite the road blocks being thrown up against us by the government, our journalists continue to do groundbreaking work. Thanks to this brave reporting, our Azeri listeners not only heard descriptions of electoral fraud – they saw the faces and heard the voices of the people involved.”
Kenan Aliyev, Director, Radio Azadliq

“Honoured & humbled to compete against the world’s best. Thanks much AIB for the International TV Personality of the Year award.”
Barkha Dutt, NDTV

“Receiving an AIB Media Excellence Award for “Hambani Makwerekwere” was one of my proudest moments. For this to be recognised by my peers from around the world is the  highest accolade I could have hoped for this programme. The evening went beyond simply meeting fellow journalists. The pressure of work and deadlines means that in the world of current affairs, there is seldom the chance to look further than one’s immediate environment, be it your chosen field of expertise or the region you cover. AIB provided a rare occasion to share ideas and insights from across the globe, awaken curiosity and glimpse the vast array of skills and technology feeding the international media.”
Sasha Wales-Smith, Producer SABC

“FRANCE 24 was delighted to attend the AIB Media Awards evening, which offered great opportunities for catching up with old faces and meeting new contacts. And of course, the evening was all the more enjoyable for winning two awards – it is gratifying to have our strategy and programmes recognised by other broadcasting professionals”
Jean-Yves Bonsergent, COO, France24

“Receipt of this award is a great compliment for so many reasons: it represents  acknowledgement of achievement from within our industry and amongst our peers; it represents a sense of accomplishment and success, and it serves to provide encouragement  for our future endeavours.”
Mark Hemetsberger, Marketing Strategist, ABC Radio Australia

What the AIBs attendees say
“I have rarely met so many interesting people at a single event, an outstanding cross section of global talent. Willing to share their real experience of the key challenges right now, in dealing with the new opportunities opening up in all new forms of broadcasting and social media. The whole agenda was bang up to date.”
Russell Grute, Director of Marketing, Pharos

“We’ve seen and heard some fantastic awards and I want to thank the AIB for the very intelligent evening, the way they have thought about these awards.”
Anthony Geffen, Atlantic Productions

“…hope that you will continue the practice of showing clips of all the nominated programmimg-it is a source of real differentiation between the AIBs and other awards that I cannot commend too highly”
Paul Robinson, PR Media Consulting

“The AIBs were really great!  Sharp table talk, interesting people”
Corne Bouman, Managing Director Proskope

“This was the most inspiring awards event I have ever attended – I have a great number of new ideas for programmes”

“Thank you for another stunning evening and a truly inspiring set of winners. To see and hear all the clips is a differentiator that makes the AIBs stand out from other awards.”

The judges talk about the entries
Each year the judges give great praise to the winners and highly commended programmes that come from all over the world.  The selection of their comments listed below show how highly they rate the passion and rigour that went into making the chosen TV and radio programmes whose powerful storytelling, in-depth analysis and true creativity provided engaging viewing and listening –

“Mesmerising political drama unfolding in front of your eyes.” (VRT’s Villa Politica)
“A painful and touching report … that looked at the effects of war on children” (TV2’s Children of Gaza)
“Passionate, unique and engaging, with creative use of poetry and dialogue” (Voice of Nigeria’s Kiddies Voices – Africa fit for the child)
“Highly informative, and strong editing helps convey very complex issues” (BBC World Service’s The Trouble with Money)
“…dramatised his life superbly with excellent editing…” (CBC’s Sunday with Darwin)
“Excellent animation and thoroughly engaging.” (DW TV’s Walled In – Germany’s inner borders)
“Gripping television which succeeded in personalising the tragedy of a nation” (BBC World News’ Coverage of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami)
“…really enjoyable live and sparky content that demonstrates what is great about radio and illustrates how important lightness of touch is in speech content.” (Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand)
“The synchronous viewing experience…was brilliant and innovative…” (E4’s Skins Messenger)
“…a gripping yet measured report” (CBS’ 60 Minutes: A Relentless Enemy)
“…an excellent concept, with simple execution – this is a technological solution that’s ripe for exploitation by broadcasters around the world” (Ideal Shopping UK’s USA live)
“A well produced insight into a much misunderstood area of mental illness” (ABC’s Understanding Erin)
“Well crafted and well thought out – opens the debate on one of the searing images of our time” (Hessischer Rundfunk’s The Child, the death and the truth)
“A brilliantly executed campaign…” (Channel 4’s E4 marketing campaign)
“A fascinating account of a culture that’s rarely highlighted.” (RTE’s Primetime Investigates: Travellers on the Edge)
“…captured the listener’s attention” (Radio Romania’s The poisonous water)
“By hearing from both sides, and from witnesses, this well-presented story took courage and understanding to produce.” (MBN Afia Darfur’s Kabkabiya Violence)
“…innovative and inspirational approach to providing fun education television…” (JCC, Channel of the Year)
“…innovative coverage, with outstanding presentation that’s fast, informative and original.” (Eurosport’s Roland Garros 2012)
“..this documentary provided great education with its blend of intrigue, mystery, science and discovery” (Channel Four’s Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret)
“The multilingual, multiplatform approach was first-rate” (Deutsche Welle’s Destination Europe)
“This told the story of the financial collapse in an accessible and credible way, using language that can be understood by any viewer even though it includes interviews with some of the most prominent and influential figures involved in the crisis.” (Societe Radio-Canada’s Meltdown)
“The production employed extensive close-up and wide shots without disruption that allowed viewers to experience the game’s intensity seamlessly.” (Nine Network’s The 2010 State of Origin)
“It worked as well in 2D as it did in 3D, with superb visuals that cause viewers to say ‘wow’.” (BSkyB’s 3D Flying Monsters)
“We suffer with them, we identify with them” (NHK’s The last days of Iitate Village)
“He’s built up a level of engagement with his audience our judges have rarely seen before, with a significant following on social networks – despite the restrictions on accessing some web pages in Iran.” (Farshid Manafi, Radio Personality 2011)